Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mighty mouse

It was love at first sight but this apple mouse is much too small for prolonged use by me, after five hours use when I got it home, I felt really sore at my wrist and the edge of my thumb so I decided to go the Microsoft route. So it went back to the shop.

The same applies to the original iMac pebble mouse, both look good on an office reception desk - or for children - but not for big blokes like me with size 13 / 47 shoes and big hands

I have used MS 5 button mouses but this has only four buttons, and the fourth has failed after a couple of days - no batteries because a well placed cord has less drag on my wrist.

see this mouse


any laptop is an ergonomic disaster so I made this experimental bridge out of scrap wood I had lying around typically I use 3 or 4 old phone books
the centre of any screen needs to be one hand's width below the eye level of the user - I learned this from the manual from Apple which came with my first Macintosh SE

I have special computer glasses but the screen could be a little closer
Genealogists need a fiche reader for transcription purposes as part of the work station later there will be book shelves especially of dictionaries .

two very old XXXXXL T-shirts recycled as covers for my fiche reader and MacBook Pro
the two black boxes are from LIDL for dvd, cd and handbooks for the machine and software

I have downloaded drivers for the HP Scanjet 4890 and connected it since the above snap

Three USB connections is not enough


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