Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Official Parallels Virtualization Blog

The Official Parallels Virtualization Blog: "Since I launched my 'Ask Ben Anything' column on the Official Parallels Blog, its become the Blog's most popular weekly read, with several thousand loyal Parallels users and tech geeks from all over the internet coming by to see what's up.

Because its been so popular - and so productive in getting common user questions answered - we're promoting 'Ask Ben Anything' to the main Parallels website, under the guise of our new Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base (KB for short) will reside in the 'Support' section, and will be a living, searchable (by date and topic) FAQ of most-asked questions about Parallels products. This will be a great resource for new users who are getting started, and for old friends who need more information.

The important part here is that YOU determine what is in the KB! Keep your questions coming to, and they, along with the questions our support team see, will be compiled into a weekly KB update that covers the most common questions for the last 7 days.

'Ask Ben Anything' will live on here on the Blog, but I will be focusing more on forthcoming features, usage/deployment strategies, and tech commentary and general industry trends.

I am making this announcement now because the KB should be ready to go just about the time I get finished with my week long 2,985 mile drive from my current home"


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