Thursday, June 19, 2008

un xVM VirtualBox

Sun Microsystems Feature Story: Everyone's Virtual Machine: "Sun xVM VirtualBox is a free, open source desktop virtualization platform that runs on Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Apple Mac OS, or Linux systems, and lets users create a number of virtual machines onto which they can install whatever operating system they need to use, for whatever purpose. A single computer can run multiple OSes and applications simultaneously, with virtually no performance degradation, which enables developers to work on programs for different platforms, and power users to use applications that require different operating systems.

xVM VirtualBox provides for ultimate flexibility and allows easy user input, and APIs are exposed at every level including Web services. Its open source model requires no license keys or registration, and its flexibility, ease of use, and high performance, have encouraged more than 4 million people to download VirtualBox in less than 18 months."

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