Tuesday, July 25, 2006

installing WinXP and FTM 2006

photos at blogger dot com is behaving very very badly today, so this is short of a couple of images

WinXP installing

WinXP set up

bridged newtwork over the community WAN worked well
the ISP registered the virtual machine with its own MAC number (Mesaage Authorisation Code) and domain, so if I set up MS Messenger with a second id I could do very rapid file transfers

WinXP desktop over Mac OS desktop

split sideways over the two screens

FTM 2006 cd running AV with music

installing FTM 2006

downloading my own GEDCOM from worldconnect on Rootsweb.com
lower screen Mac OS desktop and home page

saving the GEDCOM on the virtual machine

WinXP activated on the Microsoft web site

LAPHAM one-name study GED downloaded from World Connect with my mother ALISON MARY LAPHAM, my father and me

ejecting the FTM 2006 intaller disk
I have movced the WinXP window to the lower screen

I have drunk all the coffee and it is time to see some TV

next morning and I have added a USB floppy drive
and another phone book under the HP monitor which I have moved back further

today I have rearranged the monitor layout in system preferences

1024 x 768 on top on the old Hewlitt Packard monitor
then the menu bar
at the top of the 1680 x 1050 maximum of the 17 inch PowerBook pro

blogging this in Firefox 1.5.04 has been a real pain with several "resets" and lost posts

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
photos at blogger.com
I have just trashed FireFox 2 beta which froze too

all SNAPS were taken
wih my Sony Ericsson phone cam


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