Wednesday, July 19, 2006

update after 13 days

flying to Denmark today so just a note to say more of incompatabilities:-

the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse control panel is broken
and I got my money back for the Norton Internet Security package, which I returend to the Apple Shop in the Bulringt because on the web site they say it will not be updated.

I could not get Microsoft Mac Office Entourage to work, it is Outlook rebranded, so settled on the MAIL program by Apple which seems a bit slow and clunky compared with PC freebie MS Outlook Express, but it handles my seven AOL imap accounts and two POP accounts OK including Google Mail.

Usenet on mozilla just like the old mac-days with Netscape.

I have to take my library books back to Solihull so the next time this machine comes on line it will be in Copenhagen.

I am learning the new GUI and Finder and beginning to undestand and enjoy the changes også alles godt, OK!!!


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