Saturday, January 24, 2009

Data Robotics, Inc. DROBO

Data Robotics, Inc.: "What does it mean to go BeyondRAID? Going beyond traditional RAID means leaving behind choices between striping and mirroring, limitations on expandability, drive sizing, and drive ordering, among others. BeyondRAID™ technology is the next generation of storage that brings together safety, reliability, expandability, efficiency, and of course ease-of-use. It fits in the same place in the stack as traditional RAID between the file system and the driver. BeyondRAID can be adopted without any change in infrastructure, allowing you to maintain your current file system and operating system and eliminating the friction costs typically associated with moving to a new technology platform. It is RAID in the sense that the technology utilizes a redundant array of independent disks but not in the usual meaning of the acronym."


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