Friday, July 28, 2006


and now I have a brilliant PC as well as a Mac

my mistake was to use an old WinXP professional instalation CD from 2002 which needed 50 security updates to get to SP 1

This time I have used a new WinXP Home EditionDanish OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) CD
whichI purchased at BETAFON ApS
Salg af radioer, hardware, software og spil.
Gyldenløvesgade 2
1369 København K
Telefon: 3314 1233

Åbningstid i butikken
Gyldenløvesgade 2

Mandag - torsdag 10.00 - 17.30
Fredag 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag 10.00 - 14.00

I had to chose to register and activate windows later after registering the virtiual machine on the WAN

This is the
dialogue box you get when you try to use an unregistered machine on this WAN

The MS Windows activation screen does not throw this to the front so you get a failed activation and must click activate later.

Here I was reaching for windows update and after filling in my user number and password the system automatically registered teh virtual machine complete with MAC number (Message Authorisation Code) and IP number (I have three omn this 10mb/ 10mb subscription)
ComX Networks A/S
Leverandør af bredbåndsløsninger og netværksløsninger.

We have our digital own telephone syatem and WAn here in Brumleby and other housing estates have cable TV too on this system.

ComX user self service screen worka on PC and Macintosh
some subdomains I created lastly I got
to work as a duplicate of

Windows update working for version 4 of this PC image which shares the Macintosh PowerBook Pro on Intel Dual Core hardware

This image also got infested with spyware and has been deleted

above is a very old HP 50 monitor at 1024 x 1068 and below the PowerBook Pro GLOSS running at 168o x 1050 at 96 dpi - both with millions of colours e

I award ***** to
and a big thank you for the info from
Macworld: Review: Parallels Desktop for Mac

For many Mac users, running Windows applications is a necessity. Perhaps your employer uses software that’s available only for Windows, or requires use of a Web site that relies on some Windows-only technology. For years, these users haven’t had many options. Microsoft’s Virtual PC was the best choice, but even on the fastest Macs, it provided a less-than-speedy Windows experience.

Apple’s switch to Intel CPUs, however, means that running Windows on a Mac is suddenly much easier—there is no longer a need to emulate an entire CPU, as new Macs now use the same CPU as their Windows counterparts. This means that, in theory, running Windows on OS X should be both simpler and much faster than it was with Virtual PC.

see parallels Desktop for Mac - Google Search

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