Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Parallels Images LINUX

Parallels LINUX Images ready to download! - Parallels Support Forum: "I have made some turn-key Parallels images for the Macbook. These have only been tested on the Macbook. Tuned, drivers, settings (1280x800 etc.), software..
Must have Parallels and a Macbook (other MAC's may work - just need to mess with screensize etc - But I can't be sure).

Get'em while they are hot!
Xubuntu 6.10
Ubuntu 6.10
Freespire 1.0
Fedora Core 6 NEW! (12/13/06)
PClinuxOS (no audio)
OpenSuse 10.2 NEW! (12/10/06)

Please help each other out for torrents etc.
Just download, unzip and and run! You have a perfect Linux desktop that is all up-to-date, patched, all drivers and has a lot of great software. Nothing to 'configure'.
Hope they help.

Just get them and burn'em to a DVD for backup of 'perfect/tuned' OS's.

If you cannot download these freely over bit torrent - I do offer shipping of a DVD for a $7 donation. You can order here


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