Friday, August 04, 2006

control B

I haven't used a mac every day for about five years and I was very happy when I suddenly remembered the keyboard short cuts control + b gives BOLD and Control + i gives italic

- except writing here in blogger via firefox

The Parellels adventure has stabilised with two virtual computers running MS WinXP sp2

I colour coded their folders
Green is in Danish and connects to the net with MS IE6 for net banking and stuff

Blue is in english with Family Tree Maker 2006 for editing family trees which I store on tne macintosh desktop in shared folder

Microsoft auto switches off the Blue LAN connection to the internet because it has a different MAC number to the other

Parallels Tools make a big difference enabling immediate mouse movements across the windows and copy pasting between trhe Mac OS and the Win XP files

having an old monitor above the laptop enables me rapidly to compare how images look under the different gamut when blogging or making webpages


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