Wednesday, December 20, 2006

East Lothian Monumental Photography

East Lothian Monumental Photography: "In June 2007, I am taking part in a Charity Challenge, to raise money for Capability Scotland.

To take part in this challenge I have to raise at least £1375. I am providing £500 of this personally to largely cover the costs of the challenge.

To help raise the balance, I am offering to take photographs of headstones, churches, old family homes etc in and around East Lothian (Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian and Borders too). There is no fixed charge for these photographs, all I ask is that you make an appropriate donation to Capability Scotland.

Some more examples of my photographs can be seen on the church pages of the East Lothian GENUKI site.

If you wish to support this charity, and learn a little bit more about your family history, please contact me, and we can discuss your requirements. "

an idea I might take up when I get a better digital camera


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