Friday, March 16, 2007


MMUG - Midlands Macintosh User Group: "The Midlands Macintosh User group is a non-profit user group run for and by Apple fanatics in the West Midlands, UK. We meet monthly throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics. Our meetings are fun and informal with good refreshments a main presentation and raffle. We always welcome new members to keep the group fresh and exciting, so see you at the next meeting!"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

How to upgrade Parallels

How to upgrade from 1970 to 3186 painlessly - Parallels Support Forum: "Some folks seem to have had trouble with this, so here's how I did it. Everything seems to work fine.

1) Using the original version (1970) start each VM and uninstall Parallels tools using Add / Remove Programs. When the uninstall asks you to restart, just shut down.

2) After all VMs are modified, install 3186 over 1970 (no need to uninstall first).

3) Reboot the Mac.

4) Start each VM. Log in. Cancel any new hardware wizards. Install tools from the actions menu. When the tools install is complete, restart the VM.

When I installed tools, I deselected coherence and favorites since I don't plan to use those 'features'. I also disabled sharing of the desktop for security reasons.

So far, everything is working as well as or better than 1970. Drag and drop between Mac and Windows desktops works just fine (and is all I need).

Thanks Parallels team. The product runs everything I need (except one app that I haven't had a chance to test and probably won't work, but that's what bootcamp is for, and I use it rarely so the extra reboot and the 5 gig it uses is no real hardship).
MacBook Pro 1.83; core duo; 2GB RAM, 160G HD 10.4.8
Win2K Pro, 768 Meg RAM Build 3186"

Thursday, March 01, 2007


is making IT more cost effective - 27/Jan/2007 -

Virtualisation technology, which offers users the ability to pool their hardware resources, is playing a major role in making IT more flexible and cost-effective.

Virtualisation software has allowed many users to reduce their hardware assets, or use them more efficiently, by running multiple “virtual machines” side by side...