Sunday, September 16, 2007

true defragmentation

Coriolis Systems :: Products :: iDefrag

Supports HFS and HFS+ (Mac OS Extended).

Supports case sensitive and journaled filesystems.

Supports adaptive hot file clustering (“Hot Zone”).

Four powerful defragmentation algorithms:

  • Compact data, moving all free space to one place.
  • Optimize filesystem metadata.
  • On-line defragmentation.
    Defragment whilst your disk is mounted.
  • Advanced programmable optimization.
    Rearrange your disk the way you want.

B-Tree metadata file compaction/optimization support.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TevSpace - Parallels vs. VMware Fusion

TevSpace - Parallels vs. VMware Fusion: "I've been using Parallels on my MacBook to run a virtual machine with Windows XP on it. Mostly for my Sony eBook reader software and Family Tree Maker (Mac is lacking when it comes to genealogy software). I was reading some reviews of VMware's new entry to the market, Fusion. Fusion has two big advantages over Parallels: 1) it is written in Cocoa, so is completely native and fast. 2) it can use a BootCamp partition as its 'virtual' drive. So after reading about 10 reviews, all of which said essentially 'after trying Fusion, I stopped using Parallels', I decided to take the plunge and switch my MacBook over."

But it is new and untried and above all avoid bootcamp (in perpetual bata unsupported by Apple)