Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Santa Rosa chip set

Santa Rosa comes to the Mac: a review of the new MacBook Pro: Page 1: "Since it uses the new Centrino Duo platform, both the 15' and 17' models come with an 800MHz front-side bus. 802.11n support is there from the get-go (instead of being available as a $1.99 update). The GPU has been changed from the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 to an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT—which offers DirectX 10 support for the Boot Camp- and Vista-inclined. There's also HDCP support built in, which means that lack of an HD DVD and Blu-ray drive aside, the MacBook Pro should be capable of outputting HD video over the requisite protected path. The maximum memory available has been upped from 3GB to 4GB as well."

he big news, however, is the new LED backlight. The 15" MacBook Pro has become the first Apple portable or display to get LED backlighting. LED backlights have the advantage of having lower power consumption than the usual cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlights; unlike CCFLs, LED backlights can reach their optimal color temperature and full brightness instantly instead of needing time to warm up. Apple also claims that the 15" LED-backlit displays can grow much dimmer before going black than their CCFL counterparts, which we were able to verify.

For owners of the 15" MacBook Pros, the biggest benefit will arguably be the additional 30 to 60 minutes of battery life that Apple says users will get. Battery life in the previous version of the 15" MacBook Pro was rated at 5 hours by Apple. Apple rates the new laptops at 6 hours."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Virtual pc

Virtual pc, virtual machine and multiple operating system solutions by Parallels, Inc.

3.0 Build 4128: http://download.parallels.com/v3/en/...20Mac%20en.dmg

2.5 Build 3214: http://download.parallels.com/GA/Par...20Mac%20en.dmg

Parallels Desktop 3.0 Build 4560 is available for download:

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac includes the following new features and feature improvements:

* Image Tool - Add capacity to your virtual disk image
* SmartSelect - Open your files in Mac OS X or Windows with any available Mac OS X or Windows application
** Shared Applications and SmartSelect options in Configuration Editor were redesigned: you can now enable/disable all options
** Shared Applications and SmartSelect options in the Applications menu were redesigned: you can now access Windows Start menu and the list of recently opened Windows applications, as well as configure SmartSelect without starting a particular Windows application.

The most important fixes and improvements include:

* SmartSelect and Shared Applications
** Some correct file associations in Mac (like .doc association with Microsoft® Office Word for Mac) reset and switch to Parallels Desktop - fixed
** Errors when opening certain file types in Mac (like .msg files from Microsift Office Outlook 2007) - fixed
** Detection of the file types that don't have associations in Mac - improved
** SmartSelect and Shared Applications configuration options added
** SmartSelect now correctly recognizes default web browser in Mac

* Video and 3D
** No textures in some games (like ''Max Payne''™) - fixed
** Some games crash on nVidia® video cards - fixed
** VM cannot suspend after iTunes® upgrade to 7.3 due to incorrect DirectX® detection - fixed
** Pixel size calculation - improved: graphics are displayed correctly in Microsoft Access™
** Performance of some CAD/CAM applications (including SolidWorks®) - improved
** Multi-threaded CAD/CAM applications now show workspace correctly. The list of applications includes, but not limited to, AutoCAD®, 3D Studio MAX®, CATIA V5, PowerSHAPE, Zemax®, Pro/ENGINEER® and many others
** Vertical Sync enabled (this will result in benchmarks performance cut-off at 60 FPS, but will provide less resources usage and less artifacts when resizing screen)

* Boot Camp
** Detection of the operating system installed in Boot Camp - improved
** Vista reinstalls ACPI PC on each restart - fixed

* Snapshots
** Delete with children (recursive delete) option added
** Possible corruption of the .xml file included in the bundle .hdd during reversion to snapshot - fixed

* Parallels Explorer
** Many segmentation fault cases were fixed
** Correct handling of non-NTFS file systems added
** Many look and feel improvements

* Other fixes
** Having USB device in configuration significantly (by 30%) increases Parallels Desktop CPU usage for Vista guest OS - fixed
** Mouse gets automatically ungrabbed if Vista had been put into sleep mode from inside the virtual machine
** Correct tools for eComStation™ 1.2 included
** Windows® 98 restart hangs - fixed
** Parallels Tools installation changes default printer in Windows - fixed
** Compatibility with Microsoft® LiveMeeting - fixed
** Mouse issues with Flex/Flash drag-n-drop - fixed
** Shared folders: Changing file extension affects the dates in the file info - fixed
** Shared folders: Cannot use mkdir a\b\c in the mapped Parallels Shared Folder disk - fixed
** Shared folders: Cannot open file with brackets in the filename from a shared folder - fixed
** Compatibility with MacFUSE 0.4 - fixed
** Animation transitions between view modes (Full Screen, Guest OS Window, Coherence) improved for better look and feel
** Parallels Tools for Linux: time synchronization tool added
** Virtual machine sometimes crashes when working with hard disks connected to IDE 1:0 and IDE 1:1 channels - fixed
** Bugreports are now sent via default Mac mail client
** In rare cases Mac OS hangs for some time after sleep if Parallels Desktop is running - fixed
** Image Tool added - now it is possible to increase virtual HDD capacity

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bare Bones Software

Welcome to Bare Bones Software: "Bare Bones Software develops and publishes software products for Mac OS X. (And only for Mac OS X.)"

home of

Important: BBEdit 8.6.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and will not run on Mac OS 9 or any previous versions of Mac OS X. This version is a Universal Binary for both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Parallels Blog

The Official Parallels Virtualization Blog: "This site is maintained by Ben Rudolph, Parallels' first employee & Director of Corporate Communications."

and I ust downloaded build 4126 AKA parallels 3.0

Monday, July 02, 2007

Memtest86+ on Intel Mac

Memtest86+ on Intel Mac: "As the name suggests, Memtest86+ is a very thorough memory testing program for x86 computers. With slight modification of a patch for the Grub bootloader, it will run on Intel Macs."