Saturday, December 22, 2007

Family Tree Maker 2008 or 16 Blog - » Family Tree Maker Keyboard Shortcuts: "the following shortcut keys are available in Family Tree Maker 2008. The table below shows each shortcut key combination with its availability in version 16 and any comments about where or how it is available. . . .

A downloadable PDF version is also available."

Essential maintenance of my WInXP VM

Windows Live OneCare - Home: "OneCare helps keep your PC safe and secure while making your life easier. From virus scanning, file backups, to automatic printing sharing of all the PCs in your household, OneCare helps manage it all for you. And it's delivered to you in a smooth, hassle-free package."

new uploader utility update

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13 Dec 07 - Flickr Uploadr 3.0 is now available for download! The all new version for Windows and Mac OS X makes it easy to add titles, tags and... read more news

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parallels Beta Testing

Parallels Beta Testing: "as a Parallels Beta Tester, you'll play a critical role in helping Parallels develop the next generation of its virtualization solutions. Testers receive early access to new Parallels products and serve as a key source of suggestions, comments, and criticism that help us make our products the best they can be. Also, to say 'thank you' for your valuable time, effort, and feedback, we provide our most effective, contributory beta testers with a free, fully functional copy of the product when it’s officially released!"

PTN - Parallels Technology Network: "PTN Home Virtual Appliances PVA Directory"

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Family Tree Maker comparing 16 and 2008

View as these screen shots as a FlickR slideshow (open in a new window)

I double clicked the desk top icon and after a wait FTM 2008 opened the current tree in Task View

see the orange tab top left - the bottom field is empty because I never clicked on New


the lower screen is running in Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS 10.4.11 showing a census image from which I might extract data and type it into a tree


when I double clicked to start FTM 16 it was about five times quicker to open and went straight into where I left off yesterday

Adding data to and moving between the fields is like using a spread sheet with complete control from the keyboard without the mouse

DSC05115a similar view with one item on the to do list but if I doubl click it nothing happens

DSC05116 second orange tab
People which shows an ancestor tree

even on the 22 inch screen I find it hard to read with that combination of colours

DSC05117 it called an irritaing dialogue box

well it was me that marked off Liverpool, Lancashire, England

DSC05118this tab is Places

DSC05119the fourth tab is Media

but I never import images into tree programs because they make the master file too big
and are difficult to extract

fifth Tab
Sources was skipped

DSC05120 sixth tab is Publish

but you have to double click an icon to get a descendant chart to show
and it is useless for navigation
and the right click mouse menu or a double click do nothing.

To get out there is a tiny back button top left


Publication Types
Charts and Reports

Charts - I call them trees
Genealogy Reports
Person Reports
Relationship Reports - Outline descendant tree shown above is just another dead graphic image
Place Reports
Media Reports
Source Reports

I skipped the Publish Tab as an image for the blog
it links to
AncestryPress and this time it crashed FTM 2008 when I double clicked on "go to existing project"

this is the Web search page
a space wasting splitscreen



above is the magic of the reports and charts of FTM 16
select any name and go to a data entry dialog by double clicking it

or click on a view icon to go to that


FTM 2008 calls an external window for linking searches - typos and all