Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Smith Micro Software for Macintosh

Smith Micro Software for Macintosh: StuffIt, Internet Cleanup, Spring Cleaning and more!: "NEW! StuffIt Deluxe® 12.0
The ultimate in compression!
StuffIt Deluxe compresses more documents and graphics more efficiently than ever before! Open and create 100% Windows-compatible Zip archives, burn to media or upload to .Mac"

VMware Fusion™ NEW! VMware Fusion™
Seamlessly run Windows on your Mac!
VMware Fusion gives you the best of both worlds – your favorite Windows applications on your Mac! Enjoy customizable toolbars, easy-to-manage virtual machine packages, and more!

from my email - but I am not going to buy either of these products because I am happy with Parallels and no longer use USB 2 for mass storage