Tuesday, November 28, 2006

cloning a windows machine

The News before The News » OSS P2V 4 free via G4U: "G4U or “ghost for unix” is a open-source lightweight NetBSD-based bootable floppy/ISO that enables a disk to be cloned at the raw byte level. Thus it will work with any operating system as it is independent of the filesystem used. As a consequence, the images it creates are very large despite a degree of compression. So how can you use G4U to take a Windows XP installation from its physical host to a virtual one running on Mac OS X?"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tree charting on screen

working with Family Tree Maker 16 on a Macintosh Cinema HD VDU at 1920 x 1200 pixels
on guest OS WinXp Sp2 on Parallels (expanded and "rotated" to fill whole screen) on Mac OS 10.4.8

Mac OS 10.4.8
on the laptop MacBook Pro LCD at 1280 x 1050 pixels (slightly smaller pixels too)
and ancestry.co.uk census search results page
and the 1901 England census image at 150% both in FireFox

if you look closely (click any image to enlarge) you can see the windows task bar at the bottom of the upper screen and the Mac OS menu bar at the top of the lower screen

my own pedigree viewed with seven generations - double clicking on any box calls that grey Edit Individual dialogue box

a fragment of an All-in-One Tree which is most useful for looking for disconnected fragments or individuals -- if printed it would be 66 pages or 421 x 1000 cm -- and best done by printing as a file at 600 dpi -- or as a pdf and taking it to a professional print shop with a plotter -- HINT get a copy of the plotter driver and use that to print to file.

a Standard Pedigree such I used to print out to take to an archive
these days I have it on line - note the PED in the URL on the next line
more online possibilities which often lead to second cousins from around the world finding me:-
Index | Individual | Descendancy | Register | Ahnentafel | Download GEDCOM

Display pedigree in text format

adding an image to an Ancester Tree Fan - you can add your own image of course, but it would need to be big then lightened and finally compressed

editing an individual and pasting a census search result into the Notes Window

Family View at 1920 x 1200 is good for old eyes

Descendant Tree - Standard using the Portrait template and miscolouring by me for the demo -- if printed it would be 188 x 24 cm.

descendant Tree Fan but I would not use an expensive amount of background colour if printing it myself

applying the PORTRAIT template and some loud colours for the photograph
I do not embed images in my master .FTM filed, if I really wanted to make this tree I would export the tree as whole first as a new FTM 16 file.

Then I would customise the new file and add portraits and other images
to put it on the web I would take a screen shot and edit it in Photoshop (Elements or Irfanview etc) or place the whole as a pdf

Descendant Tree Fan customised with the "gold" line tracing descent of the youngest grandchild
Family View with the grey Edit Individual dialogue box and an enlarged Notes Window with increased font size

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

genealogy today

my email today started with an enquiry from Genes Reunited

Hi Hugh, Can you tell me if your John Hughes married a lady named Margaret Rose, surname unknown, Regards Julie

aboutHas No Children John Gladstone Hughes b: ABT 1888 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales

which got me searching
England and Wales BMD Index: 1837-2004
tried FreeBmd and found John G Hughes a strong candidate

click to enlarge note the lower window is WinXp sp2 on Mac OS 10.4.8 finder desktop
View Record John G Hughes 1913 Jan-Feb-Mar Williams Bedwelty Monmouthshire
and View Image which is on the upper screen

here I changed the default colour of Family Tree Maker 16 back to the old style
above is the census image from ancstry.co.uk from 1901 at 150%

below to the left his family page made by me on WorldConnect.rootsweb.com
viewd in Firefox with the blue look up result omthe Mac OS

I made FTM 16 fill the whole upper screen
and now FireFox is looking at an ftp file structure afterI logged on to:-

Index of ftp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/genealogy_html


the same in a more normal view
AOL 9 above on WinXP sp2 on Parallels
photographs and walks beta blog to the left and to the right the MAc OS desktop

and now I am using Bluetooth to get these images from the Sony Ericsson video phone onto teh MacBook Pro lpatop

lastly I check the images in Viewer before deleting them from the phone's memory